Why Does My Company Need a VPN?

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Why Does My Company Need a VPN?

A virtual private network (VPN) protects information from hackers on the internet. It scrambles and reroutes internet signals to make it harder to track where the information is coming from and going to. Any able and willing person can now keep track of your internet activity. No matter how harmless it may seem to you, any information is useful for those that want to steal your identity or any other private information. VPNs are most beneficial when connecting to public WI-FI servers. Internet cafes, hotels, and other public establishments are breeding grounds for hackers and digital criminals.

The more technical side of VPNs operates in the software and encryption installed into your connections. VPNs use what is known as “tunnel protocol” to reroute information if they discover an irregularity in your data’s path from one server to another. Some tunnels experience so many intrusions that it creates a completely different path than was initially established. If you think of the internet as a highway, consider a VPN as an endless “bypass” that allows your data to take the scenic route to its destination.


Here are some great reasons why your company needs a VPN:



Freedom With Internet Access

Having a VPN provides more freedom of internet access. If your company has remote working capabilities, the company and employee information are at risk every time you connect to a foreign internet source. VPNs prevent that by allowing employees who are working remotely to use a company-run network to protect sensitive information from any potential hacker. Projects, passwords, banking information or social security numbers from an entire company can be compromised if just one employee is the victim of a hack.



Less Chance of Getting Hacked

Many people use multiple variations of the same password for all their social media and business accounts. One hack can be a catalyst for many other accounts getting hacked. Even the most non-internet-savvy worker can protect company assets and themselves with a pre-established VPN network that only employees can access. There will be almost no mishaps if all protocols are properly followed.

If all business is conducted through a company VPN, personal attacks cannot affect the business. Further, attacks against the business will not spill personal information. VPNs are not perfect, but they greatly diminish the chances of prying eyes.



Get Access to More Potentially-Dangerous Sites

VPNs are not an alternative to proper internet security. You cannot simply click anywhere you want on the web and assume everything will be okay. An active VPN does give you access to more potentially dangerous sites. But, you should avoid all phishing sites and emails. There is a slightly more secure layer of defense when your information is being encrypted and bounced off servers in a country you do not live in. You now have a bit more time to remove yourself from the site and interrupt the hacking process. Still, be wary of all links that come from unverified sites or ones that do not come with the approved lock of virus security at the bottom. VPNs should be the second line of defense and not the primary.



Keep Your Costs Low

Booking flights, hotels or checking emails for business meetings are more secure for both parties when handled through a VPN. Separating business from personal life vastly hinders information spillage. VPNs also assist in keeping prices low when looking to purchase flights or equipment. Websites store cookies and use that information to keep track of how frequently you visit a website. This raises prices on the items on that site because you appear to be a loyal customer of the brand. VPNs bypass that issue by providing a sense of anonymity. So, the lower prices are a way to get you to frequent the site more often. There have also been instances of the type of computer giving you different prices on a site. Higher-end computers such as Macs elicit higher price points. These small upticks will eventually raise your cost-effectiveness, which then lowers your overhead.



Work Abroad With No Worries

One of the biggest benefits is for those preparing to work abroad. When researching countries for work, the internet will naturally show you to all the tourist sites and trip planner websites. You can set your VPN to whatever country you plan on working in and receive a more localized search return to your inquiries. Logistic concerns can almost entirely be resolved with the proper search under the right VPN network. Instead of spending hours trying to decipher what’s being used to market you, you can be directly connected to the businesses in the area that have your specific needs in mind. There is also the political aspect of it. Some governments do not have a separation of government from public media. You can find out about the current political situation by setting your VPN to that country and neighboring countries.

You cannot go wrong when you have a VPN for your business. For more information or for help setting up a VPN for your business, contact us today.


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