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IT Services Group’s experts have helped Non-Profit institutions in the Washington, D.C. area for the past 25 years. Understanding how organizations like yours operate and flourish is what we do best. We have first-hand experience with the challenges of managing member organizations.

At a lower-than-average cost, we will provide your organization with extremely high-quality, detail-oriented IT resources that can help you grow when temp staff are added, stay secure when staff depart, and maintain assurance that your members’ e-mails are getting through.

Non-Profit Services

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Do Any Of These Challenges Ring True? 

  • Are your accounting resources really secured?
  • Is your firewall really protecting your members?
  • Are you paying too much for data service?
  • Are you frustrated with your internet provider’s lack of attention?
  • Are your mobile phones having hiccups with the office mail system?
  • Do you have concerns about what employees are able to access while on the clock?
  • Are you frustrated by a slow or unreliable computer system?

We can also provide support assisting with managing budgets, annual meeting resources, ordering and configuring new equipment, implementing server solutions, assisting staff with cloud resources, mobile phone connectivity, or simply assisting end users with day to day computing challenges.


How We Can Help:

  • Network Stability
  • Security (Virus, Spam and Content Filtering)
  • Integration Solutions

Your data and information systems are vital to carrying out your organization’s mission and should be run on infrastructure that is stable, secure and properly connected. ITSG’s skilled network professionals will review your network and IT systems to make certain they are configured and secured in a way that will most effectively meet your IT goals.

Are you Prepared For a Security Breach?

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