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The IT Services Group (ITSG)team is  focused on one thing, helping our clients run their businesses.  We understand how difficult it is to balance the responsibilities for daily operational excellence while also monitoring your IT systems.  We offer you the confidence of having a specialized hands-on partner who is well equipped to execute on your strategy. We provide technological solutions designed to help solve your specific business problem and help your business thrive.  We do our best to match technology with each client’s unique challenges.

Understanding how organizations like yours operate and grow Their Technology is what we do best.

Since 1996

Organizations in MD, DC and VA have turned to IT Services Group’s expertise for over 25+ years to solve their networking, security and telecommunications challenges in a creative, cost-effective manner with a view to long-term sustainability and flexibility. ITSG has experienced great success supporting non-profit, education, financial, healthcare and professional services arenas. We understand the particular challenges, operational environments and regulatory requirements of these organizations and will guide you in best-practices for building, maintaining and growing your IT infrastructure.

Communication Is Key

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Getting Started

Get a complete IT management solution for your business or organization. We have the skills, resources and expertise to support all of your IT needs. We will tailor a solution to your specific needs. Increase productivity with seamless technology integrations, improve decision making with built-in intelligence, and extend your solution with products tailored to your business.

Today’s cloud-based solutions and tools make it easy and secure to setup and configure standard solutions.  Even if you have a more complex environment, we have the expertise, tools and experience to handle your needs. Once the solution is live, we will continue to support you.  At ITSG services include system management, help desk, support and monitoring upgrades.



We Get to know each Client

You will work with a live IT representative who will understand and personalize each decision specifically for your organization.

We understand the latest Technology

We stay abreast of the latest technologies so that we can provide you with the best services and solutions to fit your needs,

determining your goals

We work with you to develop innovative solutions that will help you succeed and stay within your budget.
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We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

At ITSG, we serve our clients well beyond traditional technology management, bringing 25+ years of experience in cloud, collaboration, mobility, networking and security solutions.

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"The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don't really even notice it, so it's part of everyday life.”
Bill Gates

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