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Financial Institutions

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IT Services Group’s experts have helped Financial Institutions in the Washington, D.C. area for the past 25 years. Understanding how organizations like yours operate and flourish is what we do best. We understand how banks operate and the many challenges they face. Some of these challenges that we have faced together with our clients include meeting regulatory compliance with both the SEC and FDIC. Additionally, maintaining up time is critical and following procedure is crucial.

We can assist your organization by providing a local, trusted engineer, available to respond to your institution’s needs – whether those needs are ongoing, short term or long term.

Financial support:

Combination lock attached to a credit card for it security

Network Stability


  • Firewall
  • WAN Branch Connectivity
  • Audit and Compliance
  • Anti-Virus, Spam, Spyware
  • Content Filtering

SEC & FDIC Compliance

Core Provider/Vendor Management

Project Management:

  • Opening a New Banking Branch or Office?
  • Merging or Acquiring another Financial Institution?
  • Moving to a new location?
  • Changing Core Providers?

Design & Installation

IT Cost Reduction Analysis:

  • Telecom Bills looking outrageous?
  • Operations Management?
  • 3rd Party Vendor?
  • Compliance & Disaster Recovery

Your data and information systems are vital to carrying out your organization’s mission and should be run on infrastructure that is stable, secure and properly connected. ITSG’s skilled network professionals will review your network and IT systems to make certain they are configured and secured in a way that will most effectively meet your IT goals.


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