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For more than 25 years, ITSG’s experts have helped organizations and businesses design, manage, implement and protect their IT assets with the right blend of products and services. We understand that educational institutions must meet curriculum standards, within ever tightening budgets, while still aiming to improve upon the student learning experience. Where we can assist your school is in bridging the gap between IT Operations and Technology integration in the classroom – building a strong foundation to promote growth with services.

Education Services

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Do Any Of These Challenges Ring True? 

  • Have you met your curriculum standards?
  • Are your online classrooms and campus technology ready?
  • Are you looking to utilize student teacher communications via the cloud?
  • Do you have concerns about what students and staff are able to access?
  • Are you frustrated by a slow or unreliable computer system?

Your data and information systems are vital to carrying out your organization’s mission and should be run on infrastructure that is stable, secure and properly connected. ITSG’s skilled network professionals will review your network and IT systems to make certain they are configured and secured in a way that will most effectively meet your IT goals.


How We Can Help:

  • Network Stability
  • Security (Virus, Spam and Content Filtering)
  • Meeting CIPA Compliance
  • Classroom Integration Solutions

Are you Prepared For a Security Breach?

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